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Feb 17


((MOD: Well, as my last post proves… no one cares anymore.

No one replied, no one raised a complaint.


I am hanging up the towel for Vutin. For good.

I will still draw anything for anyone, on my DA account.

Just stop on by and ask.

Welp, that’s it. Bye.))


Feb 13

sad update:

((MOD:   Well…. I tried everyone.   Its been a few months now, and NO interest for Vutin has passed me by.   What I meen by this is how I only have 34 followers… and only a few (if lucky) ask anything. Heck, even the ANON asks are starting to go down.  Now days, I don’t receive ANY feedback at all, cept from the occasional “LIKE” someone would be kind enuf to give. 

All in all, what I am saying is that unless this changes soon… I am finishing up Vutin once and for all.   

Granted, there are a few that DOES care, and to you I say I’m sorry.

But I’m tired of drawing a story that I feel no one reads, or care to read.

That said,  If somehow Ask Vutin starts to pick up again soon, I would be more than happy to continue drawing him….  But to be fair, I don’t think anyone cares, and I don’t blame them. Its not like the story so far was any good, more or less the artwork.

But know that If it DOES continue, suggestions on how Vutin should BE will be most welcome without question.

Suppose that’s all there is to say.))



Feb 06


Jan 27

250 posts!
Got on my E-Mail and saw this!  YOOO!~<3

250 posts!

Got on my E-Mail and saw this!  YOOO!~<3

(Source: assets)

Jan 16

(&gt;O 3o)&gt;*&#160;?


(>O 3o)>* ?


Jan 14


Jan 03


Jan 01

((Side info))

((MOD:  If you’re interested in what all this new stuff means for Vutin, go check out this link:

…Hope you enjoy the story!  More to be added tomorrow…))